About The Show

The Ultimate Life TV Show focuses on luxury products, services and events of the affluent lifestyle. During this 13 week series each half-hour-long episode takes you on numerous journeys to exclusive destinations and high-profile events for the social elite.

We invite you to experience world-class style, sophistication and comfort with the ultimate in royal treatment as we preview lavish destinations, products, services and social gatherings. You'll be traveling to exclusive retreats in the most exciting places in the world. Be prepared to expect the best of the best in luxury amenities while being pampered with butler services, spa treatments and beachside massages. 

With The Ultimate Life, you'll experience world-class hotels and restaurants; exclusive nightclubs, and high-end luxury automobiles. We also provide VIP entry to private clubs where membership is granted only through a referral from an existing member. You'll shop at retailers that are filled with limited editions and exclusive items from the fashion houses of A-List Designers. The Ultimate Life is aimed towards individuals who appreciate the finer things in life and demand nothing less than the best. The Ultimate Life will air entertainment style, which offer insight and guide the viewer in acquiring the products, services and lifestyles featured.